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What is Ai Subscription?

A comprehensive and carefree service, to make your use of glasses as easy and enjoyable as possible.

You can choose 3 or more pairs from our entire range of glasses and sunglasses - with or without strength. The monthly cost of your subscription is based on the type of lens you chose – without powers/ single vision or progressive.

Regular eye examinations and insurance are included in the monthly cost. Also included is a change of glass when changing eyesight and every year you have the opportunity to replace a pair of your glasses.

What do I pay for the subscription?

The monthly cost of your subscription is based on how many and which glasses you decide on.

The lowest monthly cost is SEK 129 / month with a total cost of SEK 3096. No interest is added, and all prices are inclusive of VAT.

How do I subscribe to a Ai subscription?

You sign a subscription in your Ai store. It starts with an eye examination that is part of the subscription. Our opticians find out which glasses and grinding you need. And together with our stylists, you try out the frames that match your style.

What is included in a subscription?

In addition to 3 or more pairs of glasses, regular eye exams and insurance are included. Also included are changing of glass and frames if your vision, style or interests change over time. Read more here on the following link: More about Ai Subscriptions

What is Ai Insurance?

Each pair of glasses in the subscription is covered by our comprehensive Ai Insurance, for a full 36 months. The insurance covers damage, loss and theft.

With Ai Insurance you always have free repairs for partial and total damage the first 365 days.

In the case of partial damage, the deductible is up to 3 monthly costs for the damaged pair of glasses. The deductible for a partial damage is always a maximum of SEK 1500.

In the event of a total damage or loss, the deductible is 6 monthly costs for the damaged / lost pair. The deductible is always a maximum of SEK 698.

When do I start paying for the subscription?

Your subscription starts when you pick up your glasses. Or after 30 days if you have not been able to pick them up. The first invoice or autogiro draw is made the month after the subscription has started. The first invoice will be a monthly fee plus cost for the days of the month before.

Example: You download your glasses on June 12. The first invoice comes in July. You then pay July's monthly cost plus the days 12-30 June.

How long is the commitment time?

The commitment time is 24 months. If you change a pair of glasses after a year, the commitment period is extended by 12 months.

What happens to the glasses after the end of the binding period?

You rent the glasses from Ai during the subscription period. When you choose to end your subscription, you will return the glasses to us. It is also possible to buy out the glasses.

Do I have any right to exchange?

Yes, you always have 90 days of exchange if you find that you do not like the glasses.

How long is the notice period?

After the commitment period, the notice period is 1 month.

Is there a right of withdrawal on the subscription?

No, your products are specially designed for you, therefore we have no right of withdrawal on the subscription. But for you to enjoy your glasses, you always have a 90-day exchange.

Can there be additional charges in addition to my subscription cost?

If you choose to pay your subscription via invoice, an invoice fee of SEK 39 / month will be added. There is also a cost if you choose to buy out the glasses after the end of the subscription. Otherwise, no advance payment, interest or other fees will be added.

What and how many glasses can I choose?

You can choose 3-10 glasses from our entire range of frames. The price is based on how many and which frames and glasses you choose.

Can I choose terminal glasses?

Yes, you can mix and match from our entire range of glass and frames.

Can I choose progressive glasses?

Yes, you can choose all types of glass for your subscription.

Can I choose both reading glasses with single-cut glass and progressive glasses?

No problem, you mix and match glass and bows according to your needs.

Can we in the family have a common glasses subscription?

No, the glasses subscription is personal and cannot be shared.

Can I get a subscription to my child?

Yes, but it is not possible to combine with the county council grant.

Can I subscribe to your subscription without having a visual error?

Of course, enhance your style and choose from all our glasses and sunglasses.



Do I need to change glasses every year?

The subscription is flexible, and you choose if you want to change. You can wait and change two pairs next year instead. Or you can buy out a pair while adding a new pair to your subscription.

How far is it left for the annual exchange?

We help you keep track of when it's time for the annual change, by calling you an annual inspection.

Register Autogiro?

Please follow the instructions below to register autogiro:

1.Log in to your internet bank and go to page where autogiro is handled. Search Svea Ekonomi AB (Synsam) bankgiro 5205-1794

2.Select which account you wish to pay from and then enter the 16-digit payer number. Your Payer Number: XXX

3. Approve the notification

4. When the direct debit is approved by Synsam, the status will change to "Approved" in your internet bank. From the next invoice you will now pay via direct debit.

I chose to pay by direct debit but have received an invoice, why?

For some reason, your direct debit has not been activated. Check the following:

1. The correct account number and clearing number are stated.

2. The account you entered is not a savings account or business account.

3. That you are the sole account holder. Or as the main account holder, if it is a shared account.

When is the direct debit payment deducted from my account?

The draw takes place on the 28th every month

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