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The Aiwear Subscription

We realized that in an ideal world, you'd have several pairs of eyewear to choose from, in different colors, shapes and styles to suit your roles and ever-changing moods. So we came up with the Aiwear subscription. If you choose our Aiwear Subscription, you can pick out three glasses of your liking for a small monthly fee. We cover regular eye exams and change out the glasses in your Aiwear when your sight changes - free of charge. This way, all your eyeglass lenses are always updated, and your frames are always up-to-date. Perfect.

  • This is how it works. You choose your Aiwear Subscription based on the type of glass that you need in your three frames:
  • Off the shelf
    129 sek
  • Single vision
    199 sek
  • Progressive lenses
    349 sek
  • After that, the fun starts. You get to pick out your three styles.
  • Commitement time 24 month.

Ai Promise Subscription

  • 3 or more pair of glasses at a fixed monthly fee
  • Change one pair of frames every year
  • Prolonged exchange rights: 3 x 30 days = 90 days!
  • We change the lenses free of charge, in case your vision changes
  • Yearly eye-test included

Are you ready to pick out your three glasses?

Need an eye exam first?

If you're not sure of the type of glass that you need in your frames, our opticians can help you find your perfect prescription.

Need some more style guidance?

Our superstar stylist are ready to help you create your perfect Aiwear. Visit our store

FAQ about our Aiwear subscription