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Your privacy is important to us. Ai's goal is to comply with the current rules governing the processing of personal data. The purpose of Ai's privacy policy is to inform you about what information Ai stores and how this information is used.

By approving the privacy policy of in connection with a purchase or registration of information, you agree to the processing of your personal information as specified below:

1. How Ai treats your personal information
Ai treats your personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Act's rules. The personal information that you as a customer dispenses, has given, or that we collect on through cookies to manage your purchases or follow up on our commitments to you as a customer are processed by Ai, and in some cases by other companies within Synsam Group, for the purposes specified below. The personal information being processed is your name, address, personal identity number, phone number, e-mail address, purchase, payment and order history, payment and credit card number, and IP address.

2. What is personal information used for?
By disclosing your personal information to us you agree that the personal data is entered in our customer register for identification, market and consumer analysis, customer management and evaluation of services and products. Personal information is also used for marketing purposes, for example by sending mail, text and e-mail, unless you have stated that do not wish to receive direct marketing.

On behalf of, and in some cases, by claims from, payment or mortgage companies, your social security number will be processed in connection with the purchase.

You also agree that, for these purposes, personal information may be disclosed to companies in Synsam Group as well as other businesses that Synsam Group cooperates with, both inside and outside the EU and EEA.

Personal data may be provided to companies that perform services for Ai, such as infrastructure and IT services, customer services, processing and analysis of market research and performing statistical analyzes. Such companies can be established both inside and outside of the EU and EEA.

By approving the privacy policy at for the purchase or disclosure of information, you agree that your personal data will be transferred to countries outside the EEA.

We also process personal data in order to fulfill our obligations to you and for the fulfillment of our legal obligations (for example, for record keeping in accordance with the Health and Medical Records Act for the clients conducting an eye examination, see below).

3. How long is your information stored?
We process your personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Act's requirements. This means that your information is not stored longer than is necessary to fulfill the purpose of processing the information, unless other legislation imposes or permits storage for a longer period of time.

4. Right of access to information and change / correction of information
In accordance with the Personal Information Act, you have the right to access the information we have about you. Such information can be obtained by making a written and signed request to us. The request is sent to:  Synsam Drifts AB, Personuppgiftsansvarig, Box 30153, 104 25 Stockholm, clearly stating that this is information stored with Ai. At the same address, you can also send inquiries regarding reservation against direct advertising or correction of incorrect or incomplete personal information.

If you wish to change the information that you have given to Ai, for example change of e-mail address, name or payment details, please notify Ai about the correct information by sending an email to You can also contact us at this e-mail address if you wish to cancel your user account. Requests for correction, barring or deletion of personal data can be made at any time.

If you have reserved yourself against your information being processed for marketing purposes, the information will not be processed for this purpose. If you have previously agreed, you may contact us at any time to reserve yourself against Ai using your personal information for marketing purposes.

5. Information covered by the Health Personnel Act and the Patients' Record
Ai is obliged to keep a record of the customers who do eye examinations with us according to the Health Care Act and the Patients Act. In the journal, we provide information about identity, your social security number / national identity number, relevant information on health history, information about treatment and measures, as well as information about when and who has registered information in the journal.

According to the Health Care Act, we may be obliged to disclose certain information from the journal, for example, if a driver's license or aircraft certificate does not meet the health requirements in the area.

5.1 Confidentiality
Access to personal data is limited by confidentiality. Access is restricted to persons with a material need for this information. Ai employees who require information in their work have access to information, but have confidentiality vis-à-vis unauthorized persons. Ai employees will only have access to the information needed to perform their duties.

According to the Patient Record Act, health information must be kept until it is no longer considered necessary for them. If the information is not to be retained under other legislation then they should be deleted.

5.2 Processing of personal data for other purposes
Personal data that is not considered sensitive under the Personal Data Act's rules may be processed in our customer records as the basis for market and consumer analysis, customer follow-up and assessment of services and products. This assumes that you have explicitly approved it, for example, when ordering an eye examination or when visiting an optician. Personal information may also be used for marketing purposes, unless you have reserved against direct marketing. Personal information not considered sensitive means information that does not apply to your health, such as name, address, e-mail address and telephone number. Employees who need access to your personal information for these purposes will then be able to access them.

6. Links
This privacy policy applies only to may contain links to other sites. When you follow links to other sites, we encourage you to read the privacy policy that applies to the current page. Ai accepts no responsibility for the processing of personal information by other sites.

7. Change of privacy policy
Ai reserves the right to make changes to this policy continuously, to the extent that changes are necessary to follow up events or to meet new legal or technical requirements. All changes to this privacy policy will be published on